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Cloud-Native App Development

Ajmera Infotech helps companies build cloud-native applications and migrate legacy applications to cloud native platforms. Our team works with customers to design, build, release, and manage container-based applications for secure, high-availability applications on the infrastructure of their choice.

Our cloud-native application development expertise encompasses technologies such as Kubernetes, Prometheus , Istio Docker, CoreDNS, Kafka PaaS Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Our skillsets extend to all cloud, virtual platforms, DevOps tools, and implementing best security practices, and so on.

  • Multi-cloud experience
  • Broad array of skills in languages and frameworks
  • Cross domain expertise
  • Experience building microservices and container based applications
  • Mature process discipline to ensure quality and reliability and automation implementation
Cloud-Native App Development

Our core value proposition

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Building high availability systems

Ajmera Infotech specializes in building high availability and fault tolerant applications. We build applications that can scale by transforming legacy monolithic architectures to modern cloud-native microservice-based architectures or build cloud-native architectures from the ground up. We deliver applications that demand 5 9’s availability, full redundancy, and seamless disaster recovery.

Build elastic apps from any language to any cloud hosted on any infrastructure

The team at Ajmera has experience in building deployable, elastic applications for any need. Cloud native apps are software that are elastic, and scalable. Our team has the capacity to build your application with any language and framework and can be deployed on any infrastructure. The applications have a lightweight, stateless architecture so they can scale effortlessly in response to demand, without sacrificing code quality. Ajmera Infotech can help you build Cloud native apps with any language that is supported by Docker containers including NodeJS, JavaScript (node), Ruby (Rails), Python (Django) and Java (Spring Boot). Some other popular frameworks we include are Express for NodeJS and Django for Python.

Integrating security at the core at every level

Application vulnerabilities have become a key attack vector. At Ajmera Infotech our team is trained to integrate security best practices into every part of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). This includes integrating SecOps into development, implementing encryption while handling data, validating inputs and testing code vulnerabilities. Ajmera Infotech Cloud Governance and compliances integrate governance, compliance and security into cloud-native applications and data.We help you to identify compliance risk that crosses the cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-on-premise and on-premise-to-cloud.

Unlock potential with Infrastructure as a service

Ajmera Infotech helps businesses to build their infrastructure on various platforms like Azure, AWS, or Google. We help organizations to build applications on the cloud without much hassle. Ajmera Infotech offers a wide range of solutions that make it easy to build applications using cloud infrastructure as a service. We use Infrastructure-as-a-Service to design and deploy your cloud native apps with monitoring, auto scalability, and security. The infrastructure, or the code, is typically more decoupled and abstracted in a cloud native application. This allows for more efficient scaling of the application as new servers can be added without updating the code base each time.

A seamless cloud migration

Ajmera Infotech believes in a seamless cloud migration process and provides customers with a painless transition to cloud without compromising on security and performance. Ajmera Infotech will help you to migrate your on-premise servers to the cloud and save money, bandwidth and space! With our wide range of solutions, you can choose the one that's best for your situation. Ajmera Infotech includes Migration as a Service and Cloud Transformation Services, leveraging the industry-leading technologies from Azure,Google and Amazon Web Services. Whether you need a simple migration or a more complicated On premise to cloud migration involving many systems and applications, we have you covered.

Expertise in a wide range of platforms and technologies

Our team use best-of-class tools like Google Cloud Storage, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon DynamoDB Streams, AWS S3 and AWS Kinesis to create scalable infrastructures. Transform your enterprise into a cloud-native app that leverages microservices , DevOps, continuous delivery, and containers to scale. We offer services on top of the open source platform - Kubernetes, Docker and isomorphic JavaScript.

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