Windows and Mac Apps

Windows and Mac Apps

Windows Application is a user who builds an application that can run on a Windows platform. The windows application has a graphical user interface that is provided by Windows Forms. Windows forms provide a variety of controls including Button, Textbox, Radio Button, Checkbox, and other data and connection charges. You can easily design a web application using an IDE Microsoft Visual Studio using a variety of languages including C#, Visual Basic, C++, J#, and many more.

macOS is the primary operating system for the Macintosh computer. It was originally a system designed privately by Apple Inc, however, with Mac OS X, it has been based on Unix. Specifically, a modified FreeBSD operating system called “Darwin”. Many different kinds of software can be developed for Mac OS X.

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React Native for Windows + macOS is an interesting framework that allows you to build cross-platform desktop applications for both Windows and macOS just by using a single base of React Native code. What it does is coordinate React Native support for the Windows 10 SDK and the macOS 10.13 SDK so that developers don’t need to build apps using separate native frameworks or languages.

That means this framework lets you develop native desktop applications for all Windows 10 devices (including PCs, tablet devices, Xbox, and mixed reality devices) and macOS ecosystems by only using JavaScript.

Why Pick React Native for App Development?

Ease of Optimization

Mobile app development using React Native allows developers to create fully optimized apps for both Android and iOS simultaneously.

Third-Party Plugin Compatibility

When using React Native for mobile apps, developers can access the library to incorporate several third-party plugins into the application.

Reusable Components

The building blocks provided by React Native allow developers to reuse 'native components' for Android and iOS apps. They can use simple methods to customize the components that can be reused.

No Rewriting

In the case of React Native app development, the native components in the library can be integrated into the mobile app's code so that developers do not need to rewrite them.

Higher Code Quality

The single codebase allows developers to write once and use it for multiple platforms. This helps improve the quality of code because it is more manageable.

Single Codebase

By using React Native for mobile app development app developers can run the same written code on both Android and iOS. Moreover, when the develop mobile apps using React Native the code lines are shorter.


Electron was built by developers for developers. It’s one of the best go-to choices for creating light, adaptable desktop applications across all platforms.
At its core, Electron supports web development from the very first step, as it’s designed for use with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS – the web essentials. If that’s not enough, it’s also written in C++, JavaScript, Objective-C++, Python, and Objective-C, as well as some Node.js support, if needed.

All of this means that Electron doesn’t have a steep learning cover that other technologies or solutions have. It’s why we use React Native over Xamarin or Flutter for mobile – it’s our ideal choice for creating a centralized application that runs on any platform and any browser, without the endless configuration.

Benefits of Electron Development

Fast Development

If you’ve already got a React.js or Angular web app, you can reuse parts of the codebase for even quicker desktop development.

JavaScript Compatible

Have a favorite JS library or framework? Chances are it works with Electron - which makes for even smoother & effective development!

High Performance

If you keep your app component-light, Electron can even outperform the heavier native alternatives.

Cross-Platform Efficiency

With Electron, you can develop for all desktop platforms at once, cutting down on time and teams needed.


Apps created with Electron don’t need installation procedures, which makes the final product even easier to use.

Automatic Updates

With Auto Updater and GitHub support, you can instantly deploy updates service-wide.


We build unbeatable native iOS and Android apps faster and on budget using Flutter, the fastest growing cross-platform app development framework.

At Ajmera Infotech, our Flutter app developers use this framework to code once and deliver a consistent experience across any device with a screen (including a Raspberry Pi). Being a leading Flutter app development services provider, we help you build functionally rich, visually appealing, and chart-topping cross-platform apps.

Why should you choose Flutter App Development?

Desktop Apps Support

Flutter for Desktop helps us to compile your Flutter app’s code to native macOS and Windows desktop apps. By creating customized Flutter plugins, your apps work flawlessly on your desktop.

Web Support

Flutter for Web allows our developers to bring your Flutter code to web browsers. We can package your existing mobile apps into PWAs and deploy your mobile app without rewriting it.

Support for an Older version

Flutter uses its rendering engine which gives it an edge over other cross-platform tools. Thus it can work with many older versions of Android as well as iOs.

Hot Reload

With the Hot Reload feature, developers can quickly see the changes in the code on a simulator in real-time. This saves a daily overhead while building the app and increases productivity.

Better Performance

Unlike hybrid mobile apps, Flutter doesn’t need a bridge to communicate with the underlying OS. Hence, Flutter apps are equally performant as native mobile apps.

Faster Go-to-Market

As you spend less time coding, your mobile devs can work on different functionalities rather than replicating them on a different platform. Thus, with the same resources, you can reduce your time-to-market.

Cost Savings

Having a single codebase means coding once (most of the time) which reduces efforts in developing, testing, and managing two apps. You can expect to save upwards of 40% in most cases


Ajmera Infotech offers tailored ASP.NET application development services that are robust, scalable, and customized enterprise application solutions. Our effective cross-platform solutions can transform you into a market pioneer.

Customized ERP integrated solutions and services are the USP of Ajmera Infotech. Our experts can reform your existing system with personalized ASP.NET B2B and B2C solutions and elevate your business competencies.


Unity3D game engine supports the development of any game project from conceptualization all the way to release. It is the most popular game engine in the world and is the perfect solution for both beginner and advanced game developers alike. Using its features and toolsets, developers can create games for all the major gaming platforms in the world.

A tool that can be used for both 2D and 3D development, Unity3D lets you create games and apps with high-quality graphics and engaging features.