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Custom Web Development Services

Ajmera Infotech offers a comprehensive suite of custom web development services, including consulting, development, design thinking, quality assurance, and other support services. We leverage our domain knowledge, experience, and expertise in building large-scale mission-critical web applications to help you bring ideas to a product.

  • Augment your product development team
  • Build from the ground-up
  • Accelerate development
  • Scale web applications globally
  • Application modernization
Custom Web Development Services

Our Core Value Proposition

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Delivered Globally via CDN

Large, complex web apps with a global user base or websites with a lot of dynamic content require faster content delivery to end users. One of the most difficult challenges is creating websites and web apps that load and perform well. The majority of users will abandon a website or web app that takes too long to load content.

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are used to deliver static and dynamic content faster to a large global audience. Our web application architecture uses CDN to handle high traffic and load to reduce latency and improve web application performance. The benefits of content distribution using a CDN include enhanced user experience, decreased server load time, increased web speed and app performance, reduced network latency, increased content availability, and improved web security.

Large Scale Applications

A large-scale web app can handle high volumes of data and traffic while also handling load changes without affecting the application's availability, performance, and quality. However, numerous factors prevent your web application from scaling up, such as unclear functional components, tightly coupled components, and complex and monolithic architecture.

Ajmera Infotech develops and delivers large-scale complex applications with modular and clean architecture designs that can scale and handle a large number of user requests at the same time.

Large scale application development - Web application block diagram

Advanced Security

Secure Infrastructure

Technology businesses must prioritize securing their IT infrastructure. There is no place for poor security practices that could damage your IT infrastructure's capacity to fight against security threats. One of the most frequent threats to the security of IT infrastructure is a data breach, which can be extremely costly for a business. Having security breaches not only puts you at risk for financial loss, but also for losing the trust of your consumers.

We protect your web application from DDoS attacks, malware attacks, phishing attacks, SQL injection attacks, and other OWASP top vulnerabilities by implementing a web application firewall (WAF), access control policies, application security, and other intrusion detection and control systems.

Secure Code

A secure code supply chain ensures that your code and its dependencies are reliable and compliant. It ensures that security scans are performed regularly to detect and eliminate vulnerabilities. We identify security requirements and threats early in the development life cycle and ensure that code artifacts are security compliant. Static code scanners and various automated vulnerability scanning technologies are used to deliver high-quality, secure code.

Delightful User Experience

The user experience connects users with products and helps to increase audience engagement and conversions. It is critical because poor user experience leads to low traffic, low conversion, and high bounce rates. We create intuitive design and user experience by following a standard design procedure that begins with UX research to understand user personas, then moves on to designing wireframes, prototypes, and UI testing.

Web Optimized

Web optimization increases traffic to your website while also converting visitors into prospects and customers. Visitors are less likely to abandon a page when a website meets the Core Web Vitals standards. Our developed web apps have high web vital scores because our delivery includes optimized technical SEO such as increasing web app loading speed, mobile friendliness, and boosting interactivity and visual stability.

Quality and Reliability

Quality and Reliability ensure that the web application is defects-free, has zero downtime, and runs seamlessly. A web application must go through quality check pipelines before it is released, and it must then be monitored for availability, performance, usability, security, data privacy, and backup. When it comes to managing and handling production environments, our team is reliable.

JavaScript Frameworks​

JavaScript Frameworks - React, Next.js, Gatsby.js, Angular, Vue.js

Continuous Quality​

Continuous quality lowers the risk of deploying code with security vulnerabilities and software bugs into production. Without proper processes and quality checks application deployed has loopholes and is vulnerable to data loss, PII security, DDoS attacks, and other threats. Our code quality check and testing pipelines guarantee software quality from start to finish.

  • Static Code Analysis: Integration with tools like SonarQube, Dependabot, etc. helps in catching defects, anti-patterns, and assuring standardization even before the code is ready for release.
  • Web Vitals Tests: High Google Lighthouse score on the following factors: Performance, Accessibility, SEO, and Best Practices.
  • Security Scanning: Security Vulnerabilities free web application by scanning the code through Snyk, Qualys, etc.
  • Unit Tests: Make sure that the smallest piece of code written is error-free and tested.
  • Automated UI Tests: Eliminate human error and ensure all design elements and functionalities of your web application are working as intended.

Continuous Integration and Delivery​

CI/CD automates integrating, releasing, and deploying software while eliminating traditional barriers. It supports agile strategy to accelerate the software development lifecycle and the DevOps approach of aligning development and operations teams. CI/CD enables software development teams to continuously deploy software updates into production to speed up release, cut costs, and minimize risks throughout the development life cycle.

Ajmera Infotech provides end-to-end CI/CD solutions such as tool selection, CI/CD strategy design, road mapping, end-to-end implementation, pipeline audit, maintenance, and optimization. Advance your DevOps operation with our best CI/CD practices to solve prioritizations, workflows, and security problems. Utilize our DevOps expertise to integrate and deploy your code more quickly. We commit to providing flexible solutions for your technically diverse business so that you can enjoy the benefit of software quality, complete test coverage, zero downtime, and a quicker time to market.

Web application Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline diagram
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