Leading Healthcare Giant Expands Connected Care Delivery Globally in Partnership with Ajmera Infotech

Global Expansion and Technology Evolution With Budget Constraints

A healthcare industry leader, headquartered in the US, focused on integrating treatment and smart technology to transform chronic disease management was on the path of global expansion. The goal of the expansion was to scale access to critical real-time drug delivery and health monitoring. To broaden their footprint globally and increase their velocity of innovation they needed to ensure a robust scalable underlying architecture, accelerate their cloud transformation, expand their software development skill sets, increase agility and manage costs judiciously.

Ajmera Infotech’s experience in building high-availability mission-critical applications, prior experience in healthcare, and a team broad range of cloud-native technologies experience made them the ideal partner. Our experience in deploying and managing multi-region and multi-zone applications, delivering feature velocity and cost leverage helped meet technology needs and business objectives.

Building the Foundation for Global Connected Healthcare Delivery

The Starting Point

To successfully expand globally the healthcare company needed to ensure that its technology infrastructure was flexible, scalable and secure. The existing platform for connected care delivery was built with React for the front end, and ASP.NET for the back end, on Microsoft Azure. The company leveraged SQL Server which needed to be migrated to Mongo DB to increase scalability and handle larger amounts of data.

Technical and Business Challenges in Global Expansion

The healthcare giant needed to expand its product delivery capabilities globally, which in turn required a more scalable and flexible platform. This transformation required prowess in multiple public cloud platforms including AWS and Microsoft Azure along with technical expertise in architecture, databases, UI/UX, full stack development, testing, QA, and DevOps/DevSecOps.

The expansion plan spanned 16+ countries which meant large-scale hiring, training, and adding significant overhead costs for expansion. They encountered a shortage of highly trained technical staff who are knowledgeable on current technology in the front end, back end, cloud, database, and software architecture. The company wanted to maintain flexibility to add or change resources based on business conditions and acceleration of the expansion timelines.

Another consideration was budget and timing. No organization has the luxury of an unlimited budget and long timelines. The company needed to meet or beat the goal of expanding into Europe within 6 months and do so without an increase in the engineering budget.

While outsourcing might have been the obvious choice, the company had never outsourced before. It would require the development of new processes and a culture shift. If they outsourced, the partner chosen would be required to have experience with healthcare and IoT, be savvy in security, understand HIPAA compliance, and have expertise in working with large datasets. These capabilities are critical to reliably and safely providing critical care while ensuring patient data privacy along with security.

Charting a Path Forward

As the customer went through the process of building a plan to revamp their tech stack, expand globally, accelerate growth and do so within their available budget, it became clear they would need a fresh infusion of resources. The fastest path to success seemed to be to find a partner with a global presence with the following key capabilities:

Experience architecting and building large-scale cloud-based systems

Expertise with complex IoT systems

Ability to build systems that comply with GDPR, HIPAA, data residency mandates, and other compliances

A global presence for 24/7 development, maintenance, support, and cost leverage

A culture that would make the integration with existing engineering teams easy

Combining Technology Expertise, Domain Knowledge, and Cost Advantages

Ajmera Infotech was the right partner to undertake this project which involved understanding the healthcare industry, building applications that process large amounts of data at lightning speeds, and complying with industry standards and regulations. Our experience with every aspect of the software development lifecycle including testing and validation for hardware and software interactions, while providing cost leverage made us an ideal partner. Our culture of collaboration ensured that existing process discipline was not disrupted. The partnership helped improve process discipline driven by our broad experience in web application development, end-to-end testing automation, and performance optimization.

Our software development life cycle (SDLC) expertise in UX/UI design, architecture, algorithms development, database optimization, and testing procedures automation was all part of the services delivered. The breadth of technology covered by the team encompassed:

  • Advanced application development on Azure with .NET, NodeJS, Angular, and React; databases experience on SQL Server and MongoDB
  • Infrastructure automation with HashiCorp Terraform
  • Cloud governance with health monitoring and management, security management, disaster recovery, and compliance
  • Testing automation with Apache JmeterTM, Proxy, k6, Cypress, Load Runner and other CI/CD tools
  • Big data management of over 250 million records per day

Our experience in healthcare ensured that the system built for high availability, real-time detection, and dispensing of medication in IoT devices adhered to HIPAA and other compliance mandates. Our global presence helped institute a follow-the-sun model for services. Our shared vision to put the customer first, focusing on agility and transparency made integration with internal teams easy.

Promises Made and Promise Delivered:

The partnership with Ajmera Infotech proved to meet the needs of the customer. The key success criteria examined to determine the success of the partnership were:

Expansion of Skills and Technical Expertise

Our teams’ comprehensive analysis of bottlenecks in system rollout and creation of infrastructure pipelines for global provisioning and management helped with faster development and deployment of new features. This helped enhance feature velocity and scalability. Our teams’ prior experience with Cypress for test automation, and ability to enhance performance by transitioning from a flat data structure of SQL server to Mongo DB helped improve data retrieval speed and improve software quality. Our teams’ load testing and testing automation skills helped fill in some of the skillset gaps. The Ajmera Infotech team’s experience also helped enhance feature velocity and platform scalability. The teams’ comprehensive analysis of bottlenecks in system rollout and creation of infrastructure pipelines for global provisioning and management helped with faster development and deployment of new features.

Ajmera Infotech capabilities

Instantaneous Access to Resources and Cost Optimization

By leveraging Ajmera Infotech’s talent, the healthcare company realized a 60% reduction in cost with targeted addition of essential resources only when needed. These savings did not account for the upfront cost of creating  the structure for expansion into new global  markets. Engaging with Ajmera Infotech ensured that the cost of hiring and onboarding new talent was eliminated. Utilizing Ajmera Infotech’s experience team resulted in a 75% reduction in onboarding time. Well-managed execution of projects by Ajmera Infotech concluded in on-time and budget delivery of the project. By using an outsourced model, the customer had access to qualified and trained solution architects, developers, and DevOps engineers based on project needs. This allowed the customer to scale their business. with access to a dependable pool of talent.

Seamless Integration with Existing Development

The Ajmera Infotech team integrated with the customer teams smoothly by focusing on open communication, minimizing changes to existing workflows, staying flexible, and taking every opportunity to learn the product while embracing change. Our team also helped engage the customer team in building best practices for cloud-native development, software lifecycle management, and integrating internal teams with outsourced developers.

Delivering real-time critical care to patients with chronic conditions saves lives. The healthcare giant is on a mission to make that technology around the globe. At Ajmera Infotech we take this responsibility seriously and with the commitment of our team and our broad experience we are confident that we will be a long-term partner in delivering such life-changing care.