Bulk Export-Import Test Cases from Xray to Azure DevOps Test Plan

Bulk Export-Import Test Cases from Xray to Azure DevOps Test Plan


Testing is a very important part of software development. Testing defines the quality of software. It will detect the bugs before the delivery of the software.

Test management tools are also an important part of testing. It allows the testers to store the information of all the features, planning of the testing, and the result of the testing.

“Sometimes, as your software grows you may need to switch the test management tool”.

Why test cases are so important?

  • Test cases are part of the testing process. If the test cases are ready, they are really helpful to measure whether client expectations were fulfilled or not.
  • It provides the quality of our system.
  • The test results will tell us whether we are doing all things right or wrong. Or do we have broken anything after new changes?

How to switch test management tool

Have you ever worried about how to switch to another test management tool? Here is the solution  

Now, We will look into how we switch our test management tool Xray to Azure test plans.

We will move the test cases from Xray to Azure Test Plans.

Xray Document Generator

Xray provides the Document Generator feature to customize your own template and generate data or reports from JIRA.

Xray provides the different ways to export the test cases like Testing Board, Agile board, single issue, multiple issues, etc.

Azure DevOps provides a way of import of the test cases in test plans using a CSV file.

Download the template from the XRay store.

  • You can download it from Project Setting → Apps → Xray Settings → Document Generator.
XRay document generator

Download the “Offline Test Report template” to your local machine and modify it according to your requirement.

  • Click on the Setting icon and click on the download button.
XRay document generator
  • We have modified the template and Created a custom template called “Redpen Export Test Cases” using a modified template file.
XRay document generator
  • After creating the template edit the template to select the scope from which we can export the test cases.
  • Select the scope as per your requirement for example Testing Board while creating the template.
XRay document generator
  • We can select the entities, output format, default format, etc as per our requirement.

Now, We can use this template to export the test cases of Xray in our own formatted template.

Export the test cases from the Testing board

  • Go to Testing Board from JIRA.
  • Select the folder for which you need to export the test cases.
XRay document generator
  • Right-click on the folder and select the Document Generator option.
  • Select the “Redpen Export Test Report” template and export the test cases.
XRay document generator
  • After that, we can download the test cases in Excel/PDF format.

Ok, So after the downloading of Excel of test cases what will be next? Join us for the second post of this blog series, Where we are going to import the Xray test cases into Azure Test Plans “Import the test cases in Azure Test Plans” Stay tuned!!