Import Test Cases from Xray to Azure Test Plan

Import Test Cases from Xray to Azure Test Plan

Welcome back to the blog series on the switch to test management tools.

We will look into it how we can import the exported test cases into Azure Test Plans.

Azure Test Plans only allows the .csv file to import. If you have an Excel file you need to convert it into a CSV file.

Required changes in CSV file to make it according to Azure DevOps requirement

The name of the fields from which you may have exported the tests may be different from the fields required by the Azure Test.

The CSV columns should be in the below order.
  1. ID
  2. Work Item Type
  3. Title
  4. Test Step
  5. Step Action
  6. Step Expected
  • If your tests were exported using XRay, they may not have these fields. Add it to the CSV file.
    • ID
    • Work Item Type
Leave the ID field blank, Azure DevOps will generate the test case and assign the ID and Fill the Work Item Type field with “Test Case”.
  • Rename the below fields If they are present in the CSV file.
    • Summary → Title
    • Step Number → Test Step
    • Action → Step Action
    • Expected Result → Step Expected.

Now time to import the test case using Azure DevOps UI.

Import test cases in Azure DevOps Test Suites

  • Go to Azure DevOps Test Plans.
  • Select the existing test plan and test suite or create a new one.
  • Select the Modified CSV file and upload it.
  • Here you go with importing the test cases.

Super, finally, we are done with exporting and importing the test case and how to switch the test management tool.

We hope this blog will help you to switch from other test management tools to Azure Test Plans easily.

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